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Introduction Of Programs

Guide To Aquarium Programs

LOTTEWORLD Aquarium Program

Lotte World Aquarium, the sea of the city, operates different programs that offer visitors
the experience of 55,000 diverse marine organisms of 650 species at a nearer distance.

Under its programs, which are arranged for visitors of diverse classes visiting the aquarium, hidden stories of mysterious species are told by professionals in an easy, accurate fashion. Furthermore, the educational program for students will satisfy the curiosities about marine life through various experience activities and will have the opportunity to seek for their future education courses. The unique programs exclusive of the aquarium promotes sentimental stability and relieves stress through empathy with marine life, and offers unforgettable experience with your loved ones.

Free program

Ecosystem explanation program

A healing program where one can empathize with marine species through stories of various species as told directly by aquarists

  • Presentation of the sea lion ecosystem
  • Presentation of the penguin ecosystem
  • Presentation of the otter ecosystem
  • Presentation of the main tank ecosystem
Charged program

Experience program

The special program one can only experience at Lotte World Aquarium

Charged program

Educational program

The useful program one can obtain answers to questions regarding marine life and gain knowledge.

  • Put a question to cast (Free)
  • Aquarium tour
  • Junior doctor
  • First step to the sea
  • Jellyfish club