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Tiki Island

Lorry, Lokky, Lotty - WaterPark friends

Tiki Island Story

This is a story of 'Tiki Island', the exciting island of fantasy, where Lotty and Lorry,
who came from Lotte World, and Lokky, the guardian of Tiki Island have fun together.


To the unknown island
Let's start the journey!

While on vacation, Lotty and Lorry are extremely restless because
they have decided to go on an adventure to an unknown island
their Grandfather used to talk about every night. Let's head towards
the South Pacific, holding a wooden Lokky doll, the sole relic brought here
by Grandfather from the island when he was young!

Unknown island
Arriving in
Polynesian island

At a point where the beautiful island was seen far away out there,
wind began to leak out from the hot-air balloon. As a result, the
balloon had landed at a place no one knows. There were giant
trees that could cover the sunbeams and various forms of sculptures.

Meeting Lokky!

When we were about to get scared in a gloomy atmosphere,
a small light began to spin around the wooden Lokky doll that was
held by Lorry then gradually magnified. The wooden doll grew as big as
Lotty and Lorry and welcomed them. Aloha! Lokky was in Grandfather's
hand until he meets friends who can rejuvenate the island!

Revival of
the energetic,
beautiful island

The Polynesian island which looked like an uninhabited island
was transformed into a beautiful island full of energy thanks to Lotty and
Lorry who had visited the island after several decades. Palm trees bore
fruits, green leaves sprouted again, and the mysterious healing spa was
again filled with hot spring water and even the creek began to flow again.

Polynesian heaven

Supported by Lokky, who had become the best Polynesian dancer
in the island, the island had come to life once again, guests began
to come to this place from every places. Thrills from water rides,
the beach where you can take a rest conveniently and the spa that
relieves fatigue! The Polynesian paradise ‘Tiki Island’ preserving its
beautiful nature and continue as an island full of pleasant memories
and love. Shall we leave for the Polynesia paradise resort all together?