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Fee Information


Lotte Water Park fee

Item, Adults, Children, All-day Tickets, Afternoon Tickets, Korean dry sauna - Lotte Water Park fee Table
Item '19.12.14 ~ '20.3.1
All-day Tickets Adults 46,000Won
Children 36,000Won
Afternoon Tickets
Adults 38,000Won
Children 30,000Won
Korean dry sauna
Adults Weekdays 13,000Won
Weekends 15,000Won
Children Weekdays 10,000Won
Weekends 12,000Won
  • If there is the maximum number of guests, there may be admission standby time to ensure comfortable use.
  • If you have purchased tickets in advance on-line, you may enter facilities regardless of admission standby time due to a large number of guests. Guests having afternoon tickets may enter facilities at 2:30 p.m.
  • Outdoor Water Park is operated only during the middle season, high season and gold season.

Rental Fee

Item, Rental Fee, Life jackets, Sun beds, Premium class, Couple type, Food storage box, Swimsuits and Swimming caps - Rental Fee Table
Item Rental Fee
Life jackets 7,000Won
Sun beds Premium class 20,000Won
Couple type 50,000Won
Swimsuits and Swimming caps You can purchase items only from the gift shops inside the Water Park.

Rental fee for cabana village

Item, High season, Weekdays, Weekends, Weekdays/Weekends, Tent type, Forest village, Wooden type, Wave village, Beach village, Rattan type, Spa village, - Rental fee for cabana village Table
Item -
Weekdays Weekends
Tent type Forest village
Wooden type Wave village
Beach village
Rapid village
Torrent village
Rattan type Spa village
  • You can make reservation for cabana village through the Lotte Water Park website and you may also make reservation on site if there is available cabana village.
  • Wave villageWave village
  • Beach villageBeach village
  • Spa villageSpa village
  • Forest villageForest village

Tiki Island spa accessorial facility fee

Item, Operating hours, Fee, Caution, Doctor Fish, Phytoncide, Massaging chair - Tiki Island spa accessorial facility fee Table
Item Operating hours Fee Caution
Doctor Fish 15min 5,000Won
  • - When you use accessorial facilities inside the Tiki Island spa,
    you can settle accounts by charging the amount to be used into the locker key.
    (you can charge and settle accounts from the Tiki Island spa ticket windows).
  • - If you wish to use massaging chairs, change coins designated for the chairs.
    (change coins and settle accounts from the counter on the 3rd floor of
    the Tiki Island spa.).
Massaging chair 10min 3,000Won