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These are the questions and answers therefore, frequently asked by customers who visit Lotte Water Park.

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For a party of 20 or more will be charged with group fees.
For more details, contact Group Visitor Service office. (055-900-0100)


Coin band is a barcode bracelet that you wear on your wrists. By charging a specific amount of coins, you will be able to use it at rental shops, restaurants and gift shops operating in the Lotte Water Park without having to carry cash or a credit card.


Remaining coins after use in the coin band will be refunded at the Ticket/Cashier Window. For coins purchased with a credit card will be partially canceled by the remaining coin amount.


Except for regular closing, the park remains in operation even during winter.
However, only the indoor facilities can be used during winter.
(※ For information on regular closing period, refer to the website)


Except for weather conditions such as strong winds, rainstorms, thunderstorms or when the National Emergency Management Agency issues a disaster warning, the park remains in operation even when it rains.


Wear swimsuit-type clothing inside the Lotte Water Park. Wear wakeboard suits or water sportswear. Caps that can completely cover your hair such as swimming caps, baseball caps or hood are allowed.
Wearing aquashoes is highly recommended to prevent injuries caused by strong currents or waves.
When you use the open-air spa or event spa, wear the same clothing you wore when you entered the pool. Do not use life jackets or tubes inside the spa.


For using annex facilities such as cabana, Jjimjilbang, massaging chairs, Doctor Fish and phytoncide capsules, you have to pay separate fee in addition to the admission fee.


To ensure pleasant environment and proper water quality management, bringing in of food is prohibited.
Keep foods in the food storage. If you wish to eat your stored food after entering the park, use the picnic plaza installed outside.
Storage fee - Refrigerator (Middle size): 2,000 won / Refrigerator (Small size): 1,000 won / General storage box: Free
※ You may bring in weaning food, patient meals, seedless fruits, PET bottles, potable water and beverages.
※ Prohibited items by the park: glass bottles, cooking utensils, webfoot, pet dogs, baby carriages.


Exiting the park for a short period of time (i.e, bringing items left in the car.) is allowed, however, do not leave the park for a long period of time.
※ If you exit the park after receiving a stamp for re-admission, you may re-enter the park.


Make sure to wear life jackets for your safety when you use the outdoor wave pool.
Make sure that children wear life jackets for the safety when using pools with water depth greater than 1m or when using outdoor wave pools.