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Tiki Island Spa


The latest facilities of Lotte Water Park, Item Chambers!

The Jjimjilbang features the latest facilties equipped with 8 item chambers that will relieve your faigue:
- Jade amethyst chamber: Pure infrared ray generated in the chamber is highly effective for preventing diseases.
- Salt health chamber: The principle of salt bath removes wastes, discharges body toxin and increases immunity.
- Loess longevity chamber: The hypocaust heated room strengthens purifying capability and improves metabolism.
- Antifungal hardwood charcoal chamber: Superb in relieving fatigue by disharging anion and far infrared rays through the use of charcoal.
- Oxygen health chamber: Refreshes one's head by increasing oxygen concentration.
- Ice chamber: Contracts the relaxed and open blood vessels and muscles as well as skin cells.
- Medicinal herbt recovering chamber: The fragrance discharged from medicinal herbs helps metabolism and recovery from fatigue.
- Oak sauna: Removes toxin from the body by using thermal energy.