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Aquarium B1F map
1 Nature Zone

Nature Zone

Meet a refreshing squall that gives you exhausted from everyday routine a boost .
Various fresh water fish including fancy colored Discus and Chameleons known as the master of camouflage welcome visitors of Lotte World Aquarium.
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2 Tropical Rivers

Tropical Rivers

Take a stroll in the peaceful forest with beautiful music.
Chat with crocodiles and fresh water tropical animals in the world.
From the dreadful piranha to the time-defying mysterious fish from the prehistoric ages, various animals invite you to their world.
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3 Amazon River

Amazon River

Amazon is the oxygen tank of Earth and has the largest river in the world. Would you like to see the pirarucu (the largest fresh water fish) and arowana (living fossil) living in Amazon River that crosses Amazon’s tropical forest?
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4 Sea Lion Zone

Sea Lion Zone

The cute, mesmerizing eyes are the charming point of sea lions!
Sea lion from California can swim at speeds of 40km/h and can dive to depths of 247m!
Have you ever seen a swimming sea lion?
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5 The Ocean

The Ocean

The Ocean is the main tank, the heart of Lotte World.
You can enjoy the group dance of cownose rays with leisurely flapping of wings.
Don’t you feel your mind calming down at the sight of peacefully swimming rays in the main tank?
Take a moment to watch the cownose rays group dance and enjoy the brief moment of calmness it brings.
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6 Beluga Zone

Beluga Zone

Who is the most famous star in Lotte World Aquarium?
That’s right, it’s beluga.
With a smile on its face at all the time, beluga is a smart, pure white whale.
Place you ear to the tank! Can you hear the song of beluga?
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7 Marine Life Research Center

Marine Life Research Center

The Marine Biological Research Center plays the role of 「the head of the biological research cluster」 with the promotion of biodiversity values (ESC) and the creation of an intensive space for research, exhibition, and education.
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8 Play Ocean

Play Ocean

Meet starfish (star of the ocean), conch, sea squirt and other animals of the sea world living at seashore!
And don’t miss the special opportunity to touch sea families shown in TV with your own hands!
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13 Polar Region Zone

Polar Region Zone

Are you curious about penguins?
In Lotte World Aquarium, you can meet the Humboldt penguin.
If ever wanted to learn about the charms of Humboldt penguins with a black line on their chests, come and meet them at the Penguin World Ecology Presentation.
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