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Sea Table

Enjoy healthy Beluga ice cream, cookie and drink made of eco-friendly ingredients.

  • B1F Sea Table (Right of Touch Pool)
weeny beeny

Weeny Beeny

Choose as many different flavors and different shapes of jelly as you want!

  • B1F Next to the Sea Lion Tank
WOW photo

WOW photo

Take a picture of your wonderful times with families, friends and lover.

Auto capture

A service that takes pictures after posing naturally with unmanned automatic photography

  • B1F Rainforest River Entrance

WOW Photo

Make a memory with a 4-cut photo at the Wow Photo booth!
We have a variety of headbands and accessories available!

  • B1F Left of the Exit

Chroma key

Background Synthetic Photography Service with Color Differences

  • B1F Next to the Sea Lion Tank

cafe the ocean

  • B2F In Front of the Main Tank(The Ocean)
sweety box

Aqua shop

Meet our cute sea friends in various goods.

  • B1F Aqua Shop (Front of the Exit)