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Together with the four friends of strong character!

Let’s head to Lotte World Aquarium

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Energetic and curious baby beluga Lulu is the mascot of Lotte World Aquarium. Lulu loves to talk and play, makes a friend of anyone, and creates a pleasant atmosphere with a smile and cheerful behavior. Everyone will be in love with Lulu's adorable charm.

  • Likes singing songs, making an angel ring, giant clam
  • Dislikes cuttlefish ink


Talented sea lion Leo is a cheerful character who regards himself as a superstar. Leo wants to be on the spotlight surrounded by his friends. Leo has a great ambition to monopolize the popularity of Lotte World Aquarium with his overwhelming talents and skills.

  • Likes looking at a mirror, decorating himself
  • Dislikes placing something on his nose

Ping Ping

The love sharing heart penguin is a kind character who is very knowledgeable and considers friends a lot. Even though he may look aloof, he has a warm heart at all times.

  • Likes reading encyclopedia, observing anything in sight
  • Dislikes heat


Ray is very shy and is easily scared. It will take some time get to know him, but he is a interesting character with occasional unpredictable behaviors. He is a close friend of the heart penguin since childhood.

  • Likes cling on something, swimming fast
  • Dislikes seadeveil