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Introduction Of The Aquarium

The ocean where humans and nature dream together

LotteWorld Aquarium

Lotte World Aquarium, which dreams of a happy world where humans and nature live in harmony.
With faith and persistence to exactly reproduce the deep and vast marine ecosystem,
we have put away all previous standards and started again from square one from the perspective of marine life and you.

For Marine Life

Seawater Tank Design
Korea’s largest, 25-meter-wide inhabitation
water tank The sea-like spacious water tank is provided
to our marine friends as their new home.
Seawater Tank
650 Species,
55,000 Marine Friends
Nature where a variety of marine animals live
together in harmony.
Lotte Worlds Aquarium creates the same
inhabited environment for our marine friends.
marine animals
365 Days Clean Water Quality
The seawater quality of the clean area is exactly
realized with the help of Korea's highest-level
life-support system.


13 Themes in Five Oceans
of the World
You can experience the special encounter
with the marine animals in various theme zones
where the oceans from all over the world
are exactly realized.
Walking Along
the Ecosystem
River to Coast, Coast to Sea.
Experience the wonder of nature
by walking along the flow
of the ecosystem.
A Vivid Place
for Learning
We deliver the pleasure of living together
with marine animals through 14 experience
education programs, the largest offered
in Korea.
People looking at the tank